Service Dog Training

For Current or Soon-to-Be Service Dogs!

At Dog's Play, we offer multiple options for help with training your soon-to-be (or current) service dog.

Julie has trained dozens of dogs to service dog level, and can help you achieve your dreams and goals with your own personal dog. No breed or size restrictions apply, however some dogs will not qualify for this program due to temperament restrictions.

Your pup must already be well-socialized to humans and dogs, and have passed their AKC Canine Good Citizen test to qualify for this program. You must have a physical or psychiatric disability in order to work a service dog, and the dog must be performing tasks for you in order for you to legally qualify as a service team.

For specifics regarding this requirement, refer to the ADA website.

Service Dogs Save Lives

When trained correctly for service work, dogs can improve people's physical and mental well-being, and even save lives.

A well-trained service dog can help people achieve independence and success.

A service dog can do somewhat simple tasks, such as build confidence for their owner and even bigger tasks such as alert their human to an upcoming seizure. These companion animals can revolutionize their human's independence both at home, and out in the world.​ Confidence, independence, and security are a few ways in which service dogs assist with their owner's well-being.

Group Course + Private Lessons

We have created a 12-week intensive group course that works on service dogs skills and public access.  You will learn the legal aspects of having a service dog and the dog will learn specific tasks to help manage your

This course also includes 4 private sessions as well as group experience classes.

At the end of the 12 weeks you will have the opportunity to take the Community and Urban Canine Good Citizen tests (not required by law to comply with ADA).

Price: $999

Can be purchased through our Dog's Play Store!

Board & Train or Day Camp 

If you need additional assistance or help with your service dog, we have a few board and train options to choose from  listed on our Day Camp and Boarding Page.

In our board and train program, your dog receives expert training six days a week, with multiple public access trips. 

We can take dogs at any stage of training, whether they are only starting out or just need polishing and public access. 

(Must be at least one year of age.)

Contact us now to schedule a private consultation or read more about our Board and Train.

Public Access Class for Service Animals

We also offer a 5-week public access class for service animals on a rolling basis.

Availability for this class is subject to change based on current need.

Please email us to learn more about this class, including the days/times.

Service Dog Selection Assistance

In addition to training, we offer our expert opinion in service dog selection. Selection of the proper dog is critical for your success. You need a dog with a heart to serve and with the proper balance of biddability, nerve and the emotional balance to complete your required tasks. 

You are forming a lifelong bond with your service dog and best friend. We are happy to go with you and temperament test dogs located at shelters or other locations. Genetics play a crucial role in service dog selection and sometimes a preservation breeder of health-tested, purpose-bred dogs is the right fit. A puppy that has received proper care and stimulation in the first few critical weeks of life is the most likely to make a good candidate for service work.

Not all dogs can be service dogs, and selection is the first crucial life changing step. If you already have a young, biddable pet dog that you have bonded with, that would be a natural choice for you - provided that your pet dog has a great temperament and is agreeable to other people and pets. They do not need to be over friendly, just not reactive or overly shy.

Please email us to learn more about this service.

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