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Meet Master Trainer Julie Hughes, CPDT-KA , Owner/Trainer at Dog's Play Campus.

Julie is a problem canine behavior consultant, CDBC certified consultant, AKC Evaluator, and ACT agility coach.

The Dog's Play main campus is located 30 mins west of the city center of Gainesville, Florida - in the small town of Archer, Florida. It is less than 1 hour from Ocala, Florida (to our south), and Lake City, Florida (to our north). 

At Dog's Play, we pride ourselves on being lifelong learners through sustained, continual training in the industry,  working with other professionals, and learning from our clients and their dogs. We offer full-service training for active canines and their people.

Master Trainer, Julie, is the only board-certified dog behavior consultant within 100 miles of Gainesville, Florida.

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Client Testimonials

Huge thank you to Julie  for teaching a great class! I love how you approach things from the dogs point of view. Anyone in the area should check out Dog's Play for training and ways to connect with their pup!

Cody Yelton

Julie is so great! We just finished our AKC puppy star cert and will definitely continue lessons. My dog has a blast!

Alyssa Blew

Julie is a skilled trainer with a great heart. She helps the dogs in Plenty of Pit Bulls rescue by offering classes to fosters and adopters. This helps the POPB dogs, their humans, and in turn adoptions. Check her out!

Meg An

Julie is a terrific trainer. She understands the pups and works with them with compassion to bring out their best. Grace is also wonderful! Highly recommend!

Martha Klein Burlingame

I highly recommend Julie’s training and classes. She’s helped us tons and we continue to take advantage of her skills and knowledge on as needed basis. Go check out Dog’s Play for yourself!

Tjasa Cerovsek Landes, LMT

You have helped Bourbon so much, he's a different dog in some ways. We have had activity at our house, workmen etc, and now he's happy to see them! And he's even getting along better with the dogs at the farm....they mostly ignore each otherπŸ˜€. There's still work to be done...we're having company and as soon as things settle down Bourbon will be ready for more Dog's Play! Thank you Julie...you're a marvel!

George, Elizabeth, and Bourbon

I am so thrilled that I just have to share an experience with you. We have a family member in a memory care unit here in Gainesville. Jackie has visited out there many times in the past, but was so overwhelmed by all the smells he really had not engaged. This morning, when we arrived, all the residents of the memory care unit were gathered into one place. Jackie was the consummate gentleman. He went around to each person sniffed them let them pet him, and then systematically moved onto the next person. He was completely responsive to every command. I gave him and the smiles that were on all those faces when we left just warmed my ❀️ Thank you for your coaching and encouragement. We couldn't have done this without you.

Lynne, Jackie, and Family


10730 NE 110th Ave, Archer, FL, 32618, US

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