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Class Rates
ᐅ Drop-in classes $25
Additional class in the same week $20

ᐅ Six-week class package $135
ᐅ Five-week Public Access class for Service Dogs $199

ᐅ Private sessions: Please inquire for pricing
Excellent option for families with reactive dogs and or handlers who need privacy. We are here to help you build a safe, happy, and trusting relationship with your pet, regardless of your abilities.

ᐅ Prep School Field Trip $60
Permission slip required.

Available Merch
ᐅ Puppy Class Workbook $10
ᐅ Dog's Play Tee Shirts $20
ᐅ Red Barn "Doggy Candy" Treat Roll (4lbs) $15
ᐅ New Title Ribbons $10 (must be earned! 😉) 
ᐅ AKC Titles, ribbons, and medals are separate and to be paid to AKC.
Dog's Play does not collect payment for these rewards, and they are optional.

ᐅ Paypal: [email protected]
ᐅ Venmo: @Julie-Hughes-121 (0160)
ᐅ Check
ᐅ Exact cash in an envelope