Adoptable Dogs

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Dog's Play occasionally has dogs adoptable dogs available for sale. All dogs for sale have been started in heel work fundamentals, rally, and obstacle training.

All sales require completed paperwork, payment of fee(s), a home check either in person or video - and in some cases, a vet check.

All pups from Dog's Play come with a first right of refusal contract, which means that the dog MUST be returned to Dog's Play if there is any reason they cannot keep their home.

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Adoptable Dog #1 - Murphy

Murphy is hyper-focused on his handler and has tremendous drive and work ethic.

He will need exercise companionship and a learning partner leader to help him excel.

Murphy has started obedience and agility.

Interested in Murphy?

Adoptable Dog #2 - Daisy

If you’d love to adopt an amazing, loving, & sweet dog, check out Daisy! She enjoys walks, playing in the backyard, and even taking naps. (Homes with no cats or small animals, please)

Adoptable Dog #3 - Ari

Ari is sweet, fairly well-trained, but can be dog selective. She is only about 45 pounds, and very friendly! Email us if you'd like to sponsor, foster, or adopt her!
πŸ“§ [email protected]

Adjustment Periods for Rescue Dogs

Rescue animals need time to adjust.

Follow the β€œ3-3-3 rule” to help them decompress.

3 days: It takes three days to decompress. During this time, animals might feel overwhelmed, uninterested in food or companionship, and more comfortable in their safe space.

3 weeks: After three weeks, your new pet will start to settle in, feel more at ease in his environment and start to get into a routine.

3 months: It takes three months for your pet to get into the routine, feel secure in his new home and start to build a lifetime bond.

Plenty of Pit Bulls

Please take a look at the Plenty of Pit Bulls, a wonderful local rescue that we love!

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